A Video Marketing Strategy

Many business owners realize they need to start using more online video. Yet, they may struggle with coming up with a strategy. Here’s a look at a simple, straight-forward plan that any business can follow.

We believe it’s best start video marketing at the center of your marketing, on your website. While some companies are just using videos on youtube.com and social media and perhaps on their blog, we think it’s best to start with the places where your customers and potential customers are already learning about you. The icing on the cake is that video on your website will help you come up higher on Google searches.

Start with a plan for:

Creating a video for each main page of your website

Home – Create a short overview video perhaps just :30 seconds to one minute
This video should help prospects understand whether your company is a good fit for their needs.
Include: Your years in business, credibility factors – perhaps association affiliations, ratings and reviews, and what makes your different. This video should encourage people to visit another page, perhaps your About page.

About – This video can be longer, perhaps 2 – 3 minutes. Keep in mind site visitors are interested enough to want to know who you are. Tell them your story. Start with the present, then your past, tell the story of how you built the company and why. Then, what’s next – your future. Share your vision.

Process – Consider how you work, especially if you have a service as opposed to a product.
The business owner can explain the process and how and why they developed that process and how it helps customers. This is also a good place to use a customer testimonial

Services – This video can quickly and easily let your site visitors know if you can deliver the services they are looking for. This video might also include a customer testimonial.

Testimonial – This video should have 4-5 customers who explain what they really like about your business and what they would say to others about working with you.

Below watch the video with Donna Davis discussing this video strategy.

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