Best Spokesperson Video

Our Talent is what sets us apart. 

We have the BEST talent in the business. Select a polished professional communicator, develop a great script or have us do it for you, and then send us a few quality graphics from your company. You’ll have an impressive, attention-getting video that will engage your audience and strengthen your marketing messages and calls to action.

Bobbie Battista is known for her many years as a lead anchor at CNN. She has credibility and is recognized all over the world.

Sachi Koto is also known for her experience at CNN. She was the first Japanese anchor at the worldwide network. She is an excellent communicator as well as storyteller.

Glenn Turner has the look of a corporate executive or a medical doctor. He is great for credibility. He has been featured in numerous corporate videos, including videos for IBM.

Cory Thompson is credible, experienced and comfortable as a strong on camera personality exuding confidence. He is a former news anchor at one of Atlanta’s top television stations, the Fox affiliate.

Nicole Watson is energetic and sassy. Her poise and personality lends well to brands that are looking for talent who absolutely captivates the audience.


Donna Davis has been a television show host, a television news anchor and a reporter. She has been on camera talent for numerous corporate videos and brands.

Olivia Noland has been talent for national brands and has hosted television segments since 2008. She has a fresh, youthful appearance yet she has great poise.

Melanie Snare has energy and enthusiasm. She is perfect for brands looking for someone who captures attention and delivers on confidence.

Need a different age or demographic? Send us a description of the type of person you need. We work with Atlanta talent agencies to find your perfect match.