Pro Video Talent is an Atlanta full service video production and live streaming company. We do all types of videos, including spokesperson videos, narrative storytelling videos, how to videos, marketing videos, Facebook background videos, website videos, social media videos, live streaming videos, product videos, and animation videos.

We work with companies to develop concepts and then create videos with every aspect completed under one roof. Our clients don’t have to search for talent or hire any outside groups. With more than ten years of video production experience, we approach every project with the knowledge and talent needed to create success. Donna Davis worked as a news reporter and anchor before starting the company. She’s been telling video stories for decades. She knows how to find the heart behind any client’s story and to convey that through a powerful and compelling video. Beyond that, we help clients make sure the right audience sees the video and responds to it.

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  • Donna Davis, founder Pro Video Talent

  • Donna Davis with President Reagan

  • Donna Davis with Ted Koppel of ABC News

About Us

After a career in television news working as a reporter, anchor, and producer, Donna Davis took those storytelling skills and began running her own video production company in Atlanta.  Since 2007, Donna has been working with companies of all sizes to help them craft videos that connect with their target audience.

“It’s so important to tell your unique business story through the eyes of your client. New clients don’t relate to the business owner. They relate to the problems and concerns of the client. Our videos illustrate how the business helps clients solve problems. The owner is always a consultative expert.”

Donna’s video production company in Atlanta has innovated over the years as the opportunities created by social media have changed the marketplace. The company not only creates videos in the traditional manner, shooting on site and interviewing people, but now it does a lot of live streaming. “Platforms like Facebook are pushing live. They know the power of live video. I saw it for myself as a reporter. If viewers saw a live report, they watched longer. Facebook reports that people watch live videos four times longer than they do pre-produced videos. So, we do a lot of live streaming to help clients get the most from these platforms”, said Donna.

What others say about us

The most important trait I look for when working with an outside consultant on any project is that they’re going to care about the project as much as I do. That’s exactly how I felt with Donna and her team every step of the way. They took ownership of the project and provided their expert input and skill set. They listened to our project goals and ideas and were able to provide us the vision we described. Donna’s communication skills are unparalleled, so when she listens, she asks questions if she’s unsure of your direction, and she provides you exactly what you need to complete your project.

Donna Davis is a pure joy to work with and she produces fine videos. Being a seasoned TV anchor for many years, she understands both sides of the camera and works magic to produce excellent videos. From 30 second commercials to 30 minute full length infomercials, her work has been superb, meeting all of our expectations.

Donna Davis is a master storyteller, whose intelligence, poise, and class connect with viewers and make a lasting impression.  Everything she does is high quality, on-time, and at/under budget.

Donna also takes the time to listen and understand the big picture, something harder to come by these days. To know Donna is to easily understand her reputation as a hard-working, highly creative talent. If you are looking for a thoughtful, strategic, and client-centered partner to help market your business, Donna is the professional to turn to. I am one of her many fans.

Donna is a true professional both on and off the camera. She does a fantastic job promoting her clients’ businesses and is a perfectionist with the execution and delivery of the product. Donna is a pleasure to work with and is excellent with the details involved in the development of any project.