“I never thought I’d love anything more than television news. But, after working more than 20 years as an anchor, reporter, and producer, I started my own video production company and literally couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it”,  said Donna.

As anyone who owns their own business knows, it’s a lot of work. But, Donna loves everything about it. “I have the chance to use my creativity and my storytelling abilities. It hardly seems like work at all. The best thing about what I do is seeing the companies I work with grow and prosper”, said Donna.

Donna started Pro Video Talent in 2015 after seeing a need in the industry. She says, “many companies offer spokespeople, but no one was offering really professional talent – the kind of people who’ve spent a lifetime perfecting their delivery, their voice, their inflection, and their poise. The former news anchors I work with are true professionals. They are also great storytellers. So, we can work with companies of all sizes in order to create videos that make an impact.”

About Donna Davis

Award winning news anchor and reporter

Founder of Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association with  500+ members

Host and Creator of Home And Style TV, which aired for eight years

“This site gives clients an efficient, turn-key  solution, which allows them to create an amazing, compelling video with a fast turn around time” – Donna  Davis.

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